Not suited for vegetarians!

This has only remotely to do with fingerfood, but I was so impressed that I simply hat to mention it here. Last weekend my husband and I went to Brussels to visit the”Culinaria”. This is an event where Belgian star chefs prepare a seven-course-menue. You get to choose from two different menues and then pick up each course at the “stall” of the preparing chef. In addition you get a corresponding drink with the course. It’s a really nice event with delicious and partly quite exotic food! (more information

The whole event is accompanied by several workshops about food and drink as well as, of course, the opportunity to buy gourmet food and drinks. Among others there was the Belgian butcher “Dierendonck” with a very impressive sales appearance: A huge glas refrigerator which held complete halves of cows and pigs, meat in varying stages of ripeness and even whole cow heads! There was also live meat cooking on two quite formidable grills! In a big refrigerating counter T-bone-steaks from different cattle breeds were presented – even Wagyu-beef (180 Euros per kg!).

What we noticed immediately: Every single employee there loves what he/she does! Here, animals are treated with respect and the emplyees spoke with so much passion about their products and their work that you didn’t have a choice, but be infected by this enthusiasm!
This lead us to treat ourselves to two T-bone-steaks from two different cattle breeds! Each steak weighed about a kilo so this, of course, wasn’t a cheap pleasure, but that’s not something you do every day. One of the steaks came from the rare Belgian breed “West-Vlaamse Rode Rund” and that was what we indulged in for dinner on Sunday – spiced only with some Fleur de sel, a good olive oil with some baguette for dipping on the side, a fresh tomato salad and, of course a really good red wine! Life can be so beautiful and I would really like for you to be a part of it – at least visually:

And should you also want to treat yourself to a really great meat experience or simply want to enjoy a great company concept:

I’m already looking forward to the second steak – as soon as the weather allows for it! 🙂

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