Hot chocolate for grown-ups! :)
Extremely delicious belgian milk chocolate on a wooden spoon that you only have to melt in a cup of hot milk - so far so normal. And then you empty the small pipette into the awesome cocoa - your choice of rum or amaretto licquor. Can it get...
Rubs from "Soulspice"
As you know I really love the spices from Spirit of Spice, but for the BBQ I have now discovered something excintingly new: The rubs from Soulspice - spice mixes that are rubbed into meat of fish prior to grilling or frying. There are really nice mixes for ribs, pulled...
New spices mixes from Spirit of Spice
Spirit of Spice was quite busy and has created some new spice mixes which are now available at our store. There are three new spice mills to be discovered: Baharat - a classic mix from the Persian cuisine which - freshly ground - will give dishes...