It’s official – we are moving again!

After more than six years in Belgium we now have to go back to Germany. We had hoped to be able to stay “a little bit longer”, but that is what happens when you’re married to a soldier.
And time does run along quite fast all of a sudden because the actual move is already scheduled for the middle of October. The good news for “Momente”, however, is that we will get new rooms even with a little shop – and that in our own house! Where are we moving to? Niederzissen – that’s a beautiful little town right in the middle between Bonn and Koblenz. A really nice region in Germany.
It’s going to be a new adventure and we are quite excited to find out what is waiting for us –  who knows how “Momente” will turn out there!

This means for Belgium:

Fingerfood-caterings of all kinds can be booked until the middle of September.

From September 01st until 12th, monday through friday from 11.00 to 15.00 hrs (a later time can be arranged by appointment) you have the opportunity to buy spices, wines and fine food articles.

To “lighten” the move, we are selling a number of articles at lower prices. Should you have any special wishes especially concerning “Spirit of Spice” products, you can send me your orders until August 25th.

There are going to be no more “Time for a treat” cooking classes.

I would like to thank all my customers for their trust and loyalty in the past! It has been a great time here in Belgium and that largely because of you!
Maybe we will meet again in Germany one day!

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