The philosophy

Momente – that is the desire that people will start to take more time to really enjoy life!
Even when problems and worries seem to dominate our life or when we just do not feel so great – it is then the small, seemingly unimportant moments that make life worth living: The after-work drink with the colleagues, the nice cup of coffee while having that chat with your best friend in the afternoon, the birthday celebrated with your loved ones, the barbeque with the neighbors or simply that delicious glas of wine with dinner…

With our fingerfood we would like to make these moments special – enjoy delicous “little culinary things” in combination with good conversations, nice people – just enjoy a beautiful time!

Momente is definitely a bit luxurious – but aren’t we allowed to pamper ourselves every once in a while?

“Indulgence is ordinary – there is no need for a special occasion to experience indulgence.

It is more important to learn to see the extraordinary in everyday life.”

(author unknown)



Who is behind “Momente”?

Momente? That’s me, Nicole Köpper (born in 1970) – native Geman (Bremen) and a trained hotel manageress.

Portrait Paprika

For me gastronomy is the absolute dream job and I’ve got it more or less in my blood: I grew up in the hotel of my grandparents and spent many holidays working there in order to increase my allowance.

My mother is also a hotel manageress and she introduced me quite early to cooking – even though it might sound corny, but I really got my first little cooking pot on my first day in school together with my “school cone” (a German tradition: a cardboard cone filled with sweets or small presents is given to children on their first school day). Whenever my mom cooked soup or stew, I would be right next to her with my mini cooking pot doing what she did. This actually laid the foundation for my enthusiasm for eating and cooking.

After my apprenticeship in a 5-star hotel in Heidelberg, during five years I worked in a lot of positions in the gastronomy. Among others I was the food and beverage manager in a big hotel close to Frankfurt and I was the assistant manager of an exhibition-hotel not far from Hannover.

Another five years as an organizer for events and congresses with the German Association of Savings Banks in Bonn round up my job experience.