With whom we enjoy working together:

Spirit of Spice

A very creative German spice manufacture in Willich, that among other things produces original and high-quality spice mixes in mills. These as well as a number of their other products can be bought at Momente: …here


Oliver Wirtz – Wein & Kulinarisches im Kloster Geistingen

My favourite wine dealer for German and Italian wines! Extremely versatile and creative – and he has a really “good nose or rather palate” for insider tipps, whether it be for wine or fine foods!


Vineyard Alois Kirchen

Our favourite vineyard in Germany! Not only because they make these really delicious wines at a fair price, but also because they are simply great people, who really understand and love their craft! Every year in August they organize this really nice vineyard-party with the winemaker himself playing in a rockband, a lot of delicious food and, of course, all of their nice wines – it is definitely worth a visit!


priseccoManufacture Jörg Geiger

An extraordinary winemaker in Germany, who has specialised in making fruit wine. But we especially love their alcoholfree “Priseccos”, which others have tried to copy, but couldn’t reach (in our opinion) !


Karins sugar ideas

 That’s my mom! Great cakes, cupcakes and decorated cookies – I am always amazed when I see what she does with a decorating tube! And if you want to try it yourself, you can always visit her classes.



For us this is simply THE advertising agency! And not just because they are responsible for the Momente logo, but also because they created really nice print material for us  (flyer, business cards, writing paper). That was great start-up help!