A different kind of lemonade…

How about surprising your family, friends, guests…at the next BBQ with something unusual to drink? Then why not serve a cucumber and basil lemonade?

Some of you already tried it at our “10-years-momente-party” and since everyone wanted to know how it is done, I would like to offer you the recipe. And no, I do not feel bad about the fact that it needs neither fresh cucumber nor fresh basil! Sometimes it is perfectly okay to make things simple, especially when they turn out to be so delicious!


Very refreshing, great color – and almost a little bit healthy! 🙂

Gurken-Basilikum-Limonade Vorbereitung

Mix the juice of about 2 1/2 freshly squeezed lemons (about 120ml) with sparkling mineral water. Then add 60ml of cucumber sirup and 60ml of basil sirup (e.g. from Monin, best ordered on the internet).

This is were you should experiment a little to find your favourite mix. For example, if you prefer more cucumber taste, then just change the mixing ratio.



The lemonade tastes best when served really chilled or on the rocks. To present it in an interesting way serve the lemonade in a carafe with some fresh stalks of basil and maybe even some whole cherry tomatoes.

And if you need some “boom”, just mix it with gin or vodka!

Have fun trying it!

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