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Lemon basil syrup from Passione
We already love the incredibly fruity jams from Passione...every single one! :) And now I also offer the lemon basil syrup in my shop - really delicious! No matter what you do with it: Served with prosecco or very refreshing with mineral water, as a topping for vanilla...
Potato chips with Iberico ham or tomato-olive flavour
I love chips - unfortunately! :) It's always the highlight of the week when my husband and I start the weekend with our own version of "apero": A good drink (gin-tonic, martini...) combined with a bag of chips - Heaven! And now that I have...
Tonka bean sugar of Spirit of Spice
Ever since the prices for vanilla went to extraordinary heights, the tonka bean has become a great alternative! Hints of cinnamon, chocolate and bitter almond make it very special and versatile! The flavor is really intense and it is perfect for all kinds of desserts,...