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Balsamico - aged 8 years

A traditionally manufactured Balsamic vinegar. It is aged for eight years in a variety of wooden barrels to come to a ripe aroma with a pleasant sweetness and flavors of dark berries. 

This vinegar is very special and more suited for...

"Vitoni" -the new "it"-drink from Italy

VITONI is the special aperitif made from dry white wine and a specially created tonic water from Italian citrus fruits. With only 6%vol. it is the perfect aperitif or drunk straight from the bottle it makes a great drink for the garden...

Sour cherry gin from Italy

Looking for a new aperitif or a classy cocktail for the Happy Hour? Then this sour cherry gin from Luxardo might just be the right choice! The fruity Maraska-cherry blends nicely with the juniper-emphasized gin to create an exciting combination. It's...