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Tonka bean sugar of Spirit of Spice
Ever since the prices for vanilla went to extraordinary heights, the tonka bean has become a great alternative! Hints of cinnamon, chocolate and bitter almond make it very special and versatile! The flavor is really intense and it is perfect for all kinds of desserts,...
Glass straws from "Halm"
Protecting the environment and the climate seem to be the phrases that follow us all the time! With the glass straws from Halm you can do your share! A lot of you have gotten to know these straws at one of our events because we have been using...
White port from Presidential

How about a change of pace when it comes do drinks? Would you like something different to the regular Gin-Tonic, Spritz and such? Then I can recommend our white port from Presidential! Nicely chilled it's already great straight as a pre-dinner drink, but when you fill...