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Balsamico - aged 8 years

A traditionally manufactured Balsamic vinegar. It is aged for eight years in a variety of wooden barrels to come to a ripe aroma with a pleasant sweetness and flavors of dark berries. 

This vinegar is very special and more suited for...

New olive oil from Italy

My customers have made a decision - this olive oil is the perfect counterpart to our Greek oil "Aenaon". After our little tasting session everyone agreed that this "mosto argento" is very fruity, well-matched and with little "scratchy" acidity.


Tomato sauce for delicious pasta

Are you looking for a really good base for your pasta sauce? You found it! The sugos from the Italian company Tenuta Fragassi are made from an old tomato sort that is very rich and fruity in flavor.
And with that base...