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Dr. Jaglas Glühweinkräuter-Elixir
It's back! This extraordinay licquor made from the typical spices and herbs used for the German mulled wine is really something special. It is manufactured in a limited amount of bottles and is perfect for wintertime. You can enjoy it pure, slightly heated or in cocktails combined with sparkling wine,...
Hot chocolate for grown-ups! :)
Extremely delicious belgian milk chocolate on a wooden spoon that you only have to melt in a cup of hot milk - so far so normal. And then you empty the small pipette into the awesome cocoa - your choice of rum or amaretto licquor. Can it get...
Rubs from "Soulspice"
As you know I really love the spices from Spirit of Spice, but for the BBQ I have now discovered something excintingly new: The rubs from Soulspice - spice mixes that are rubbed into meat of fish prior to grilling or frying. There are really nice mixes for ribs, pulled...