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It feels like an eternity and as if I filled out at least 5kg of applications and forms, but finally it's done: the new business rooms in Niederzissen are finished and, therefore, "Momente" has arrived in Germany!

A bright red, open kitchen with an adjoining shop room opens a whole new world...


After more than six years in Belgium we now have to go back to Germany. We had hoped to be able to stay "a little bit longer", but that is what happens when you're married to a soldier. And time does run along quite fast all of a sudden because the actual move is...


How about surprising your family, friends, the next BBQ with something unusual to drink? Then why not serve a cucumber and basil lemonade?

Some of you already tried it at our "10-years-momente-party" and since everyone wanted to know how it is done, I would like to offer you the recipe. And...