It’s Momente’s birthday!

“Boy, how time flies!”
It was on march 01st, 2004 that I officially started the business and was from that day on a self-employed entrepeneur. Unbelievable that this was already ten years ago!

One century of Momente was filled with all kinds of experiences: difficult and frustrating ones, but most of all exciting, thrilling, fun and never boring ones!
Since the start a lot has changed and I have been able to continuously improve myself and my skills. Thank you very much to all the clients that put their trust in me and challenged me to come up with new ideas and, therefore, kept me on my toes all the time!

I hope there are going to be a lot more years with Momente filled with exciting experiences!

Of course, we will use this anniversary as a reason to celebrate with our clients – more information will follow soon!

I hope you enjoy the new website and I’m looking forward to a lot more years with Momente and a lot more exciting experiences!

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