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Flavoured rape seed oil from the "Ölfreunden" (oil friends)
Paul is the youngest oil miller in Germany and his goal is to produce delicious rape seed oil from regional seeds while at the same time keeping his "ecological footprint" as small as possible. He offers the rape seed oil with herbs, garlic...
"Herber Hibiskus" by Dr. Jaglas
Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more and more popular and now Dr. Jaglas by whom we already sell a number of herb digestifs has also jumped on this new trend. With their "Tart Hibiskus" they have created a bitter aperitif that is really nice as a "spritz".  The tart...
Homemade pumpkin ketchup
Our strawberry curry ketchup has been ver popular for quite some time now. Since it is made from fresh strawberries, it is only available during the months of late spring and early summer. Now we finally found an alternative for fall and winter: A pumpkin ketchup. Bright orange in color this...