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Usually I don't care much for fruit spirits - most of the time I find them too "sharp" and I can barely ever taste what kind of fruit it was made from. The spirits from STILVOL proved me wrong: Fruit spirits can be extraordinary delicious! :) Their Williams Christ Pear Brandy Gold...
"Passione" - Passion filled in glasses

The moment I met Brigitte Bengner, owner of "Passione", it was immediately clear that there has got to be some kind of partnership! She is just as passionate and enthusiastic about her work than I am and that is just a lot of fun!

"Teasecco" Darjeeling green tea meets fruits from the meadows
A new flavour of the "priseccos" from the manufacture Jörg Geiger: apple, pear and peach juice refined with finest Darjeeling green tea, spices and herbs. Extremely delicious, not so sweet and a great accompaniment with every meal. And, of course, without...