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Balsamico - aged 8 years

A traditionally manufactured Balsamic vinegar. It is aged for eight years in a variety of wooden barrels to come to a ripe aroma with a pleasant sweetness and flavors of dark berries. 

This vinegar is very special and more suited for...

Glass straws from "Halm"
Protecting the environment and the climate seem to be the phrases that follow us all the time! With the glass straws from Halm you can do your share! A lot of you have gotten to know these straws at one of our events because we have been using...
Limoncello di Capri
Limoncello di Capri is just the right thing for these hot days to end a busy day relaxing on the terrace! This lemon licquor tastes just like the homemade stuff and the balance between sweet and sour is very harmonic. It is also quite good in cocktails, even though...