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Triple Peak Brown Label

In addition to the really wonderful Triple Peak Gin with Earl Grey tea we now have the equally delicious counterpart with coffee, hazelnut and mint: Triple Peak Brown Label. It would be a shame to mix it with tonic - it is so good pure on...

Caramel bread spread with real Jamaica rum

This easily spreadable caramel sauce from Belgium is touched up with real Jamaican rum. It is great on rolls, bisuits as well as on crepes, cakes...or just pure eaten with a spoon. :)

The caramel spread is also available with Belgian chocolate...

Sicilian tomato salt

South Italy meets good old Germany, south european spicyness meets German finesse - tomato and basil meet fried onions and caraway! Sicilian tomato salt doesn't only sound exciting, it also tastes just like that!

Taste: fruity and hearty How to use it: with a little bit of oil as a...