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Limoncello di Capri
Limoncello di Capri is just the right thing for these hot days to end a busy day relaxing on the terrace! This lemon licquor tastes just like the homemade stuff and the balance between sweet and sour is very harmonic. It is also quite good in cocktails, even though...
Triple Peak Brown Label

In addition to the really wonderful Triple Peak Gin with Earl Grey tea we now have the equally delicious counterpart with coffee, hazelnut and mint: Triple Peak Brown Label. It would be a shame to mix it with tonic - it is so good pure on...

Caramel bread spread with real Jamaica rum

This easily spreadable caramel sauce from Belgium is touched up with real Jamaican rum. It is great on rolls, bisuits as well as on crepes, cakes...or just pure eaten with a spoon. :)

The caramel spread is also available with Belgian chocolate...