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Sicilian tomato salt

South Italy meets good old Germany, south european spicyness meets German finesse - tomato and basil meet fried onions and caraway! Sicilian tomato salt doesn't only sound exciting, it also tastes just like that!

Taste: fruity and hearty How to use it: with a little bit of oil as a...
Drinking chocolate from Zotter

The drinking chocolate from the Austrian company Zotter ist something very special. One whole bar of packed chocolate power turns an ordinary cup of hot milk into an incredibly creamy and taste-intense cocoa! Delicious flavours such as banana-cinnamon, pumpkin seed nougat and classic bitter chocolate make...

Vilmas wholegrain cracker

A great alternative to chips!

If you are looking for a "healthy" but also tasty delicious alternative to chips & Co., you should definitely try the wholegrain crackers of the Swedish company Vilmas. We have chosen the two kinds chili-sesame and rosemary. With chili they are...