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Chimichurri by Spirit of Spice

There are only few sauces that have reached similiar popularity as the Argentine herbsauce chimichurri. There is no asado – a south-american BBQ – without chimichurri!
Just like with curry there is not one definite recipe, but a plethora of varieties and versions.
Supposedly, the name is the result of the lacking knowledge of the Spanish language of British war prisoners in Buenos Aires. Thus “Che! Me Curry!” (friend, give me curry/sauce – curry doesn’t only stand for the spice, but also for the word sauce) turned into today’s “chimichuri”.
This mix of Spirit of Spice is the perfect solution when you want to save the time of preparing the sauce fresh.
Taste: Hearty with a little bit of spice.
Use: BBQ marinades and sauce, dips, salad dressings, herbed butter, pizza topping, pasta stuffing, baked vegetables, feta cheese, omelette, scrambled eggs, stews…

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