Product of the month

“Peanut oil”
from Juvin

I have tried a lot of nut oils and I spent a lot of money on them, but in 95% of the time I was extremely disappointed because the oil was usually just neutral and you couldn’t tell that it is a nut oil much less what kind of nut! I found the “Juvin oils” this year at a trade faie and they simply swept me off my feet! Not a flavoured oil, but pressed 100% from the declared plant – and that you can really taste.

With the peanut oil you can smell the typical aroma and the taste is really convincing.

In our shop you can find peanut, walnut and hazelnut oil as well as coffee bean and cilantro oil. Especially during the BBQ season can these oils help to create really exciting salads – why don’t you come by and try for yourself!

You get the peanut oil for
just 8,50 Euro per 100ml tin

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