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New spices mixes from Spirit of Spice

Spirit of Spice was quite busy and has created some new spice mixes which are now available at our store. There are three new spice mills to be discovered:

Baharat – a classic mix from the Persian cuisine which – freshly ground – will give dishes a distinct oriental note.

Berbere – comes from the ethiopian kitchen and just like curry there is not the one recipe, but a lot of variations. However, most of the time they will incluce allspice, chili and clove.
For african dishes it is often served mixed with water as a “table spice”.

Orange-Pepper – a perfect combination of orange, green pepper and a hint of Szechuan pepper.

Discover these great new possibilities to add a new touch to your dishes! Just come by and try!

We sell the spices for just
5,80 Euros per spice mill

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