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“Passione” – Passion filled in glasses

The moment I met Brigitte Bengner, owner of “Passione”, it was immediately clear that there has got to be some kind of partnership! She is just as passionate and enthusiastic about her work than I am and that is just a lot of fun!

And when that results in great products such as her jams, chutneys and sauces – awesome! I love jam, but I most of the time I am disappointed when I buy the supermarket products. Usually, they are simply sweet and it is difficult to really tell which fruit they are made of.
This definititely cannot be said of the “Passione” products! The rhubarb-raspberry-tonka bean-jam tastes so incredibly “rhubarby” – so good!
There are also such exciting flavours such as lemon-vanilla, blackberry-espresso, semi-tart orange….

The range is completed with “peppery cherries”, black currant and chili chutney, pear-fig-paste and a very tasty tomato-olive-sauce.

You should definitely come by and try these little taste bombs! 🙂

The products are available starting
at 4,90 Euro per Glas

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