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Tonic sirup

Being a passionate lover of G&T, I have experimented a lot with different tonic waters. Not every tonic works with every gin and sometimes the industriell produced products are just not “delicate” enough. The guys from “pHenomenal drinks” in Hamburg faced the same problem and decided to brew their own sirup with which you can mix your own tonic water. Very refreshing with a distinct citrus note, but also the typical tartness of the china-bark! The sirup was made from the best ingredients in organic quality! This is not the normal off-the-shelf article, but something very special!

And if you like ginger you will love the ginger sirup of pHenomenal drinks for the preparation of a delicious ginger lemonade!

We offer the sirup in a 0,2l-bottle
for the price of 9,90 Euro

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