What is “fingerfood” for us?

Fingerfood – strictly speaking it means little bites of food that can easily be eaten out of the hand or simply with the fingers.
For us, however, it also means little delicacies that are served in small glasses, on spoons, on little plates, in cups and so forth- but the portions are always sized in such a way that they can easily be eaten with only a few bites.
Why should you choose OUR fingerfood for your event?

These little treats create a fuss-free atmosphere, don’t disrupt conversations, but rather even offer additional topics for discussion and they are just like life itself – diverse, surprising, sometimes completely different from what we thought it would be like, but never boring!

Our fingerfood is handy

No matter whether it is for a cocktail reception or for a seated meal: These little delicacies are always eaten quite simply and because of that they already guarantee a feelgood atmosphere!

Our fingerfood leaves a lot of room for “experiments”

By combining a lot of different ingredients, we create new taste experiences over and over again: sometimes very unusual ones, sometimes more down-to-earth. With fingerfood the possibilities are boundless!
Special demands such as in case of food allergies can be taken into account most of the time.

Our fingerfood adapts to your occasion

We offer culinary support for your very personal occasion. By request we create food especially tailored for your event – whether it is with a special theme, characteristic for a certain country, as a buffet, a seated meal or a “flying buffet” (the guests are standing and food is served by staff on trays) – our fingerfood offers just the right culinary frame for your event.

Our fingerfood is homemade

We prepare everything ourselves – we even bake our own hamburger bunst! We flatly refuse convenience fingerfood, ready-made and bought out of the deepfreeze in the supermarket! We merely buy things like tortillas ready-made, but otherwise you can be sure that there is nothing in our food that doesn’t belong there! And that is something you can taste!

Here you can find some ideas what can be done with fingerfood…
…and we give you an idea of how much this costs!

More infos


What we offer:


Dips and starters

Dips are out? Not for us – with vegetable sticks, mini grissini, crackers…perfect for an aperitif! Rather more fancy? Then we serve our “diabolo sugar” with fresh pineapple…more

Cold and savoury

With meat, fish, vegetables, rolled, stuffed, layered, picked…more

Warm and savoury

Skewers, tarteletts, roll-ups, small cakes – with fish, meat, seafood, vegetables…more


We serve them in small glasses or cups to be drunk…more


Usually served in small glasses or bowls, and sometimes even with foam…more


Creamy, fruity, baked, warm, cold, with alcohol…more

Cakes and cookies

Everything in small: Cheesecake the American way, donuts, muffins, mini cakes, tarteletts, but also cake-pops, macarons, cookies…more

…all that in buffet form or served as a menu – just as you prefer it!


Besides the usual softdrinks like mineralwater, apple- and orange juice we also offer

Aperitif ideas

Classical with champagne or fancy with cocktails, punch, sorbets…and, of course, also without alcohol!


We prefer German wines, because they are sooo good, but, of course, we also serve “foreigners”! 🙂

Coffee and digestif

Of course, coffee and espresso, but also interesting after-dinner drinks like the warm “liquid Black forest cake” and the “Arabian mocca dream”.