Goodies to give away

or enjoy yourself

In addition to our fingerfood we also offer a variety of culinary delicacies that are not only nice presents, but are also a nice idea, if you want to pamper yourself a bit!
Whether it’s the homemade “Momente” products or interesting products that we have discovered elsewhere – you are more than welcome to come by to browse and taste. A phone call or email in advance is all it takes!


What is there?

Spirit of Spice
Spirit of Spice

We discovered this German spice manufacture already in 2004 at the “Pro-Wine-Fair” in Dusseldorf. What impresses us most:

Incredibly high quality of the spices ( a lot is of organic quality, no additives, no preservatives), a great variety of spices and spice mixes, very innovative, but most of all very delicious!

We have the following Spirit of Spice products in stock:

♦ Spice mixes in an acrylic mill (for example, mixes for fish dishes, meat, Asian cuisine, oriental cuisine, sweet mixes for coffee or desserts…)

Pesto mixes that are prepared by adding olive oil and freshly grated parmesan (pumpkinseed-, peppermint-, chili- or wild garlic pesto)

♦ different salt mixes: spring-, garden plot- and mountain herb salt

BBQ-pepper – for us it is The discovery of 2013 – a pepper combined with vanilla, turns a simple piece of meat or fisch into a culinary revelation! Absolutely delicious!

Sugary ideas: Rose- and winter sugar, diabolo sugar – great idea for an aperitif (simply dip pieces of fresh pineapple in the sugar, serve this with a glas of dry Riesling or a nice sparkling wine – your taste buds will explode and your palate is ready for food!)

♦ and a lot more (Pasta e basta – a great spice mix for leftover pasta, bruschetta mix, Masala Chai mix, spice mix for mulled wine…)

Spirit of Spice Produkte

Great products for presents, because they look as nice as they taste, but also great for your own enjoyment!



Manufacture Jörg Geiger

A wine maker of a different kind, because he uses fruit from the meadows of the region to make unusual drinks. For example, he has created a sparkling wine made from the “Champagner Bratbirne” – a sort of peer that had long been forgotten!

But for us the most exciting products are the alcoholfree “Priseccos” – these are sparkling drinks with a base of pear juice and/or apple juice, which then get finishing touches with other fruits, herbs and spices. A really nice alcoholfree alternative for an aperitif!

Meanwhile there is a big variety of different kinds of Priseccos that are created according to the season – everyone should be able to find their favourite among these!

For example:


“Weißduftig” – apple- and pear juice, combined with grape, peach and lemon, finished with hand-plucked elderberry blossoms, herbs and spices

“Cuveé No. 7” – the base is the juice of pears with aromatic plums, combined with fennel and refreshing lemon verbena. The acid of the apples delivers a nice curve between sweetness and acidity for the palate.

“Cuvée No. 9” – old sorts of apples and pears of the meadows as well as grapes of the Mueller-Thurgau, Kerner and Portugiese type build the base for this cuvée. Different spices and flowers such as the Shizandra berry and jasmine blossoms add the special touch.

Fruit distillates

We also have some fruit distillates of the manufacture in stock such as “appel aged in a cognac barrel”, “black currant” or the “fruit cuvée”. Especially nice as a gift in a decorative wooden box!


 Here you can find more culinary goodies: