Your home becomes the restaurant –

only much cozier!

You supply the location, we take care of the rest! Whether it is a small seated meal or a bigger reception – we make sure that your guests have everything they need and that you can enjoy your event without the stress, rush and a lot of work!
And when we leave, you will think that (almost) nothing happened!



For bigger events such as receptions or parties a buffet is most of the time the best choice, especially when the guests aren’t sitting, but standing. Depending on the preference of the client or what the location allows, we either set up a buffet for the food or we serve everything as a so-called “flying buffet”. That means that the food is served on trays by the service staff.

You can choose from two options:

“Modular system”: We serve only the food – drinks, for example, are provided by you. Or you book our aperitif as well as our food, but you have your own favourite wines that you want to offer your guests.  Of course, we can provide you with bistro tables, glasses, tableware and/or decoration (in combination with a catering from us).

Or you book our so-called “all-round carefree package”. This fixed rate basically includes everything that you need for an event:
From the aperitif to corresponding drinks, the fingerfood-buffet, coffee, decoration, service staff, delivery…etc. All you have to do is send out the invitations, open the door for us on the day of the event and then relax and enjoy the good time with your guests.


Seated meal

Unusual, but nevertheless a really nice thing: The fingerfood-menu.

With a traditional menu every course is served and there is quite a lot of “service activity”. Also, most of the time conversations tend to come to a standstill when the food is served, especially with warm dishes. With our fingerfood-menu, however, a variety of cold snacks is arranged on a plate and already set at every place so that the guests can start to eat as soon as they sit down. In addition, we put plates, which are constantly refilled during the meal, with more cold snacks in the middle of the table for the guests to help themselves.

Sweet potato soup with lime-cilantro-breadsticks

In between we serve a soup that will be drunk from small cups or glasses. Also, of course, there are going to be warm fingerfood-snacks – but everything without changing the plate that the guests are eating from. This way we minimize the interruptions at the table and, therefore, disrupt the conversations as little as possible.

We serve food until all guests are satisfied and do not wish any more savoury dishes. Then we clear away all the plates and serve the dessert.

For the menu, we also offer different options: You can book only the food and service and use your own drinks or you have us bring everything – aperitif, drinks, food, coffee…you decide what suits you and your occasion best.

This menu works well for business lunches or dinners, but is also quite nice for festive occasions like communions, birthdays and such.