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Our homemade goodies:

Plate of cookies
Cookies and more

We always have a variety of homebaked cookies in stock – not just around Christmas time! We keep trying out new recipes and we only use the best ingredients such as real butter instead of margarine. Yes, the cookies are a little more substantial because of this, but the taste proves us right! However, we did get some feedback that these cookies might have an addictive effect – therefore, we cannot be held responsible for perhaps occuring side effects such as happiness, a smile on your face or possible weight gain!


If ordered in advance, we will be happy to bake bigger amounts for you in case you need, for example, gift bags or boxes with cookies. Or maybe you would like some decorated mini donuts or cake-pop-lollies? No problem, but please note that we need a little bit more time in advance for this.

Kerner Weingelee mit Rosmarin und Knoblauch bzw. mit roten Zwiebeln und Thymian - sehr lecker zu jeder Art von Käse
Jams and jellies

Depending on what the season has to offer, we also prepare our own jams and jellies. Preferably those that are a little unusual such as our Kerner wine jelly with garlic and rosemary or with red onions and thyme. Maybe not perfect for the sunday morning toast, but incredible with any kind of cheese: Whether it is regular cream cheese or goat’s cream cheese as weel as any kind of hard cheese – this jelly adds a delicious special touch!

Liquor made from Belgian "Kriek"-cherries and vanilla

Lately we have begun to also offer some homemade liquors. For example, in 2013 we made our first liquor using Belgian kriek cherries. The very warm summer had ripened these usually sour cherries to a deep dark red, almost black and they were even quite sweet in taste. But since they are very small (there is almost more pit than pulp), we decided to make liquor from them. Not too sweet so that (unfortunately) it is no problem to have more than just one glas.


Wine and fine food

We are constantly on the look-out for interesting products that can’t be bought in every store and are of really high quality.

And, therefore, our stock of fine food varies quite often. What can we offer you at the moment?

Olives and olive oil from Greece

Delicious Kalamata olives that we can offer whole or as a ready-made tapenade. The tapenade is especially tasty on roasted pieces of French bread with fresh tomatoes, a little bit of basil, ground pepper and some slivers of parmesan – great with an aperitif or as a small starter for a menue!

Olive products

There are also different marinated olives: with rosemary and laurel, with oregano or with garlic. Great as a snack for an aperitif or also nice with a good glas of wine. We have two different olive oils to offer – one as an “everyday oil”, very fruity and can be used for a salad just as well as for frying. And another oil that is best for salads or just for dipping some bread as accompaniment of a meal.

Wine & company

Of course, all the wines that we serve at our caterings can also be bought alone. We often try out new wines or get to know new wine makers that win us over and, therefore, our range is in constant change. It is definitely worth it to just come along to check out our current variety. You can find an abstract of our list of drinks here.