Creative fingerfood-catering


Yes, we could simply deliver food. But that is not what “Momente” stands for!
We would like to help you turn ordinary situations or occasions into very special little moments – with the help of our fingerfood!


Any day?

For example, why don’t you spice up the next walk in the park or hiking tour? You give us a meeting point that is suitable for a little break and we surprise you and your companions with a fingerfood picnic! We serve little sandwiches, soup to be drunk from little cups, mini-cakes, depending on the season delicious mulled wine or a refreshing punch…

The classic wedding reception with sparkling wine at the town house? Turn it into something special by serving the bride and groom’s favourite food, but bite-sized!


Meeting your girlfriends for breakfast? Homemade rolls, mini-bagels, oriental cereal, American french toast, cinnamon rolls, homemade jam… You want to spend more time together? Then we turn it into an elaborate brunch, but the way it is supposed to be – with breakfast and lunch!

The “boys” are coming over to watch soccer? How about mini-burgers, mini-hot dogs, small cutlets on potato salad, meat skewers…everything that makes a TV-soccer-night a little bit more exciting!

Or surprise your sweetheart with a romantic candlelight dinner in your home – with fingerfood, of course! We will bring everything, even the coffee machine for the after dinner espresso. Allow yourself to be really pampered!

Theme based

Say goodbye to the normal wine tasting! Fingerfood and wine go great together, especiallay when the food is paired with the wine! You can use your own wine or we bring it along – by request even in combination with the respective winemaker!

What is your favourite color? Have you ever celebrated your birthday all in red? Or would you prefer yellow? We coordinate everything to the color of your choice – food, drinks, decoration…!


Do you feel like having a very special movie night? You name us the movie and we try to find the fitting fingerfood! Not to mention cocktails and snacks – and just like that your home turns into a cinema!

These are only a few examples of what can be done with fingerfood! Every occasion is different and with us you don’t get anything “off the rack”!
It would be our pleasure to help you with the design of your very special moment – try us and give us a challenge!


Quarters 2
How about the cost?

Yes, fingerfood is not “cheap”! Especially not our fingerfood, because we really cook everything ourselves! What makes fingerfood more expensive than “traditional” food is the much greater amount of time it takes to make it.

Unfortunately, we cannot list any prices here, because they are always depending on the number of persons, the choice of fingerfood, the number of pieces per person…but to give you an idea which price level we are talking about: We offer a light fingerfood-meal with about 13 pieces per person starting at about 15 Euros per person, a complete meal with cold and warm fingerfood for circa 40 Euros per person.